Let me tell you something!
You can go...

Oh, come on, take it easy!
I'm actually sending you to have fun…


A lot of people are already doing it, thanks to

It is one of the very first Play-to-earn Games that allows you to earn fabulous things just by playing!!!

Yes, it's true, I'm not kidding: play against friends, against everyone, or even ... against ghosts! And win the precious…

That you can use AS YOU WANT!



You can buy whatever you want!

choose endless products or services

enroll in other tournaments
and multiply your winnings

services of all kinds

you can even change them into TOKENS already out on the market


Come puoi giocare a VAFFA?

Scoprilo adesso scaricandotelo da iOS o
Android. La prova è gratis!

Con la prova giochi 10 partite gratis e scopri
quanto VAFFA ti può dare!


For starters,
the revolutionary challenge against


The first BOT that has the same capabilities as you. A BOT that you can beat because you play better than usual or have a little bit of luck at that moment!

And every time you win... you win a lot!!!

But as soon as they arrive, you can play these significant challenges…


Just send them this same free trial invitation by simply clicking here:

And as soon as they join us, you can challenge them from your mobile phone! Winning a prize in equal proportion to the value of the game you have decided to play!

Just keep in mind:

90% of LUX POINT Prize Pool goes to the winner!


You can decide it, as well as
the ones who challenge you!

The Lux points up for grabs in 1-on-1 challenges are equal to 90% of the Luxpoints of your entries. Only what is needed to cover the organizational expenses of the Game is left out!

Do you know what that means?

Look at it here; we’ll immediately explain it with great clarity thanks to this example, in which we assume that you win just over half of the games played:

60%, with only five games a day (!)

And please note: each game

lasts precisely 5 minutes

in less than half an hour, you can already finish 5 of them!

You can earn up to 1.2 million Lux Points per month (every 2000 Luxpoints is equivalent to a value of 1€) with just half an hour of games a day!!!

Want to see what happens if you play twice as much or even more?


Click here and see it with your own eyes!

Do you like Tournament challenges?

With VAFFA, you have at least one tournament every week!

You sign up and participate by playing 5 games daily, from Monday to Saturday!  And on Sunday you enjoy the AWARDS 

Do you know what the most significant novelty of VAFFA is? Every tournament

80% of the members win at least half their membership amount!

And all the others, more and more, based on the Luxpoints used to register!

Want to see how much you can win at other tournaments?

You can try VAFFA now… for FREE! 

Click here and download it from the store!

And remember: you can play against... YOURSELF: the Ghost BOT It automatically signs up for the same registration fee as you, tracing your skills!

For the first time ever, the less experienced people can win as much as the most experienced ones!

Download the Game and try it for free now!

And immediately send it over to your friends, and see if they’re ready for the challenge!

And join us to send everyone to VAFFA with a smile on your face!!!